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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


You're probably not reading this because you are out frolicking in the park enjoying the great weather today. I had an annoying woman sit in front of me on the bus this morning. She kept on trying to put her seat back but my knees were right up against the seat so she couldn't go back any further. It really annoyed me and after awhile I just started pushing against the seat when she tried to put it down so that she couldn't. She finally stopped.

I don't know what happened to my plaid Ralph Lauren umbrella. I loved this umbrella and while waiting on line for the bus this morning I noticed a guy in line with the SAME umbrella. I've never seen anyone with this umbrella and here's a guy who rides my bus with an umbrella that I can't find...I could have easily left it on the bus and this guy came along and found it. Yes, I know what you are thinking...a Larry David moment.

Parents, here's a great way to get your noisy teens out of the house. Install "the mosquito", that's what a building in Queens did to keep away noisy teens.

Tomorrow night Elissa and I are going to a press screening of 10,000 BC. I'll give you a full review on Thursday morning.

Kenny G fans, rejoice! The music maker has a new cd out and I have obtained permission from Mr. G to air on this blog his new music video! That's right, Kenny gave me exclusive rights to this so I hope you will enjoy:


BennyPhish said...

Why didn't you offer to switch seats with her?

Evan said...

She would not have switched with me because her seat was the one with lots of legroom.