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Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck O' the Irish

Happy St. Patty's Day!!! I hope you will have as much fun as the many people who were on the train this morning, loud and obnoxious, heading to the parade. I had my St. Patty's fun on Saturday. It began with an early 5k which Elissa ran. She did really well and I was very proud of her. We then went into Morristown, had some food and drink, then enjoyed the Morristown Parade. It was a great time. Later that night, we had dinner with Jon and Justine at The Grand Lux Cafe located in the Garden State Plaza Mall. If you haven't been there, it's huge, and on a Saturday night, you can barely find a spot.

With 1,987,000 ft² (184,592m²) of lettable space[2][3], it is the largest mall in New Jersey and, behind the Roosevelt Field Mall at 2,189,941 square feet (203,000 m²) gross, the second-largest mall in the New York City metropolitan area.
Westfield Garden State Plaza ranks among the largest shopping malls in the United States, having been ranked 18th largest in the United States by the American Studies department at Eastern Connecticut State University Shopping Mall Studies[4].
The mall had sales of $578 per square foot in 2005, about 50% above the national average, according to the Directory of Major Malls. Garden State Plaza is one of the most profitable malls in the country.[7]

Now, that's a mall

The Grand Lux Cafe is owned by The Cheesecake Factory BUT our waitress made it a point to tell us that the difference is that at The Grand Lux Cafe, they have desserts that are made to order, so you order certain desserts with your meal and they are made while you eat. A gimmick? Perhaps. After dinner, we went next door to the new AMC theater to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. Okay, Okay... I can't say I really liked this movie but Amy Adams is fun to watch and visually it's nice on the eyes.

I took some photos from the parade which I have posted below and also took some video which I will try to get on here soon. If you haven't seen this yet, I figured it was appropriate to post:

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Noemi said...

Happy SPD Evan! I have to alert you and your readers to a wonderful cause that where you can build your vocabulary and help feed the hungry. Check it out at !