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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Post number 391

It's hard to believe that this is post #391! I hope you still enjoy reading this blog because I enjoy keeping it updated. The above photo is long overdue and very blurry. For Valentine's Day, Elissa got me personalized M&Ms with our names on them in my favorite colors, red and blue. I swear M&Ms taste better when they have your name on them.

Tonight I am going to a screening of 10,000BC and am looking forward to it. I caught both Hillary and Barack on the Today Show this morning. David Gregory was filling in for Matt Lauer and when he said good morning to Barack via satellite, Barack said "Good morning, Matt". David Gregory corrected him saying, "Sorry, it's not Matt, it's David Gregory. Then there was some awkward laughter. I'll wait for someone to post this on Youtube.

Coming up this weekend: Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead!

Take it away India's Elton John!

1 comment:

Adam said...

391 posts? You've grown up so quickly.