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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Let's start this dreary day off with a tap dance...take it away Mr. Prez:

I'm sure by now you've seen Rolling Rock's brilliant Moonvertising campaign. It's everywhere, and the website is pretty cool. You can type in a message and they will project it on their virtual moon. I submited my blog site as I always welcome new readers so click around on the moon and let me know if you come upon my blog!!!

I know other people have "auctioned off their life" before but Elizabeth told me about the current Aussie who is selling his life.

After splitting up from his wife, Ian Usher realised that life had lost some of its charm. So he decided to sell it on eBay. All of it. His entire life. Not just the airy, open-plan three-bedroomed house and the ageing Mazda 929, but the motorbike and the jetski and the bicycle and the furniture and the bed linen. And the friends.
The successful bidder will even get a two-week trial in Mr Usher's job at a rug shop in Perth, Western Australia. The sunshine and beach lifestyle will be thrown in for free.

You can see his site here, and perhaps you want to buy his house?

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