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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Field of Greens and a birthday!

Let me start this post off by wishing Adam a very happy happy birthday. For those of you who don't know, the only reason I started this blog was because of Adam. You can check out his blog here. Join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday! I only wish I could share a birthday with Mariah Carey.

I bought myself a present last night off of one of the trainers at my gym and I know you are going to want one. I've been trying to bring my lunch to work lately and I enjoy packing salads. The only problem is, how do I keep it cool and what do I do about the salad dressing. Can't put it on the salad in the morning and I don't really feel like carrying a separate container for the dressing. I also don't want to try to find room in the tiny fridge at work to fit a bottle of dressing which will most likely be used by others or tossed out. EUREKA!! I now have the FIT-FRESH salad container!!! That's right, now my salad will stay cool all day and there's a built in dressing dispenser! Now, don't you want one?

Take it away Connie:

This blog is like a dog and pony show ain't it?

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1 comment:

Adam said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Mariah and I definitely appreciate it. (Though, I've always been partial to Michael York)