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Friday, March 7, 2008

Out of the closet

Have you ever been trapped in the closet? Well this granny has, and she escaped too! Above is the photo of her breaking through the wall.

Mitchell said she tried to break down the door, but it was too strong.
Then she slipped a note under the door that read "Help, I'm trapped in the closet since Tuesday night. 12 a.m.", hoping someone searching for her might find it.
Mitchell said she began to grow frantic after 20 hours passed with no food, water, or medicine for her diabetes. "I was just like 'oh please God let me out. I can't stand to be in here any longer,'" she said. That's when, in desperation, Mitchell, who works out at a gym three days a week, said she decided to smash a hole through the wall. The force of her swings made a hole a little more than a foot wide.

Something about this story just made me laugh and the photo is too much.

It's supposed to rain on Saturday so why not pick up a DVD to watch? My DVD pick of the week is the movie Dedication. Don't judge a DVD by it's cover. I don't know who decided on the DVD cover for this film, but it's awful. It looks like some really bad Mandy Moore film but I promise you it's not. Boaz and I saw this film last year at Sundance and I remember Bob Balaban making this movie.

Happy Friday!! Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend!

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