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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Double Decker!

I hope you all had a great weekend! And now it appears as though Spring is here. I took the train home on Friday and to my surprise I was boarding on one of the new double-decker trains that NJ Transit unleashed early last week. It was cool and everyone was excited. This is an extremely crowded train and it still was as the double decker trains only add approximately 30 or so more seats. I got a single seat on the top so I was pleased. The view was great too! Now if only NJ Transit could work on not being delayed so often.

I had a really fun weekend and even was able to get some homework done. Friday night Elissa and I watched Eastern Promises, the latest film by Mr. David Cronenberg. Now, I loved History of Violence and didn't like this one nearly as much. The ladies will enjoy the graphic nude fight scene though. We also saw the dreadful new Will Ferrell movie, Semi-Pro. Now I usually enjoy Will Ferrell movies but this one is so poorly written I didn't laugh once. It's not funny. Great comedic talent is put to waste. And it seems that Rob Corddry is in every comedy out now and coming out soon. Happy Monday!

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