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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, We Haven't Done THIS in Awhile

Happy Thursday everyone. So I couldn't go to sleep early last night because I got sucked into an episode of Ghost Hunters. I've seen this show a few times and usually they don't find anything or the creaky steps are coming from a rabid raccoon in the homeowner's attic. But last night's show was crazy! Doors were slamming on their own and hangers were flying off a clothes rack. It made for excellent tv.

This gives new definition to "Fox Trot".

I'm having sushi for lunch! Check this out!

And now it's time for something we have not done in awhile here on Evan Almighty. Fan Mail. I get so much fan mail that I needed to start renting pods to put the mail in. Currently, I am looking for more interns to sort through the mail. If anyone is interested in applying please let me know. Okay...I've got a few here so let's read them.

Hi Evan! I read your blog everyday and just think it's fab. I'm going to be in the city on vacation next month and I was hoping we might grab a cup o'joe. My office is pretty drab, any suggestions on how I can make it more exciting for myself and all the other employees. Your fan, Tracy Spiro, Gallsboro, Wyoming.

Tracy, thanks so much for the kind words. Unfortunately I won't be able to meet up with you for coffee when you are in NYC but I do have an answer to your question. Why not turn your workspace into a partyspace with the Limbo String. That's right, Tracy..Now you can limbo at any time, anywhere and you don't even have to take the time to find a big stick for everyone to dance under.

It doesn't get more exciting than this:

My next letter comes from Mitch Hastings who resides in Spring Lake, NJ. I love Spring Lake! Thanks so much for writing to me! Mitch writes:

Evan, I read your blog first thing every morning before I even look at the NY Times. It starts my day off right, that and a nice bowl of oat bran. Hey, what do you eat for breakfast?

Funny you should ask, Mitch. For the longest time I actually didn't eat breakfast. I know, I's the most important meal of the day. Recently though, I have become addicted to this breakfast treat:

Our last letter actually comes from a reader in Peru. Amaro writes:

Evan, I read your blog but just out of habit. I don't think it's particularly good or funny and I'm tired of hearing about your corn maze adventures and seeing cheesy videos you just pluck from YouTube. How about some quality material?

Hi Amaro! Thanks for your comment! I'm sorry if you don't find my blog interesting or funny. I like to please everyone so I'm going to show you something that I posted to YouTube myself which is very educational and something which I would hope you would consider to be "quality material".

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