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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Haven't Complained About Commuting In A While So....

That's right, today is a complaining about commuting day. I had to schlep all of this lighting equipment with me on the bus today because I am filming some interviews for this science video I am trying to coordinate for work. So I have a huge duffel bag filled with tripods and umbrellas and I put it under my bus seat but it barely fits so I wait until everyone gets on the bus and I then I slid it next to me on the empty seat. The guy in front of me reclines his chair. I close my eyes. The bus starts movings. The guy hops up and then asks if he can sit next to me. His chair is still reclined. I lift my heavy bags to let him in and then angrily press the chair button which brings the seat in front of me back to its upright position. It is my hope that as of Jan 1, 2009, I will no longer be taking the bus or the train from NJ.

In Sacha Baron Cohen unruly extra on the set of NBC's Medium? Oh, it's just Bruno.

Astroland may be saved! Hooray!

So there is this game for Nintendo Wii that is great. It's called Cooking Mama and I have plugged it on this blog before. I actually haven't played it in awhile but Mark sent me this link yesterday. Amazing stuff.

Enjoy your snow flurries today.

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