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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Online Tutorials

I got my flu shot yesterday and because I couldn't roll up my sleeve high enough I got to step behind the special curtain. It was a huge unnecessary production. I like to compare the experience of getting a flu shot at NYU to the Drive-Through window at McDonalds the only difference being everyone getting the flu shot was ordering the same thing. So there was a line of people for one woman with a needle. You step up, she sticks you, and then you move on. Everyone behind you is watching and impatiently awaiting their turn. Would you like ketchup in the bag? Well my order took a little longer because I had to step behind the curtain and everyone saw me waiting back there. It was like I was the Wizard of Flu-Oz. She told me to scream out when I was ready. Um, all I had to do was unbutton my shirt a little and pull down my sleeve. She was acting like I had to go get ready for a colonoscopy. I mean, really. Then of course she says, "I'm not used to doing this without my table next to me". Oh just wonderful lady. It was very quick and then I got my dum dum lollipop and was on my way. If you're getting a flu shot, try to get behind the curtain.

**Cue music so this transition isn't as awkward**

You can find a tutorial on anything on YouTube. Really. Last night I was curious to find out how to create a light saber effect using Final Cut Express. Sure enough, there is a kid who looks like he is 16 years old and has all of these Final Cut Tutorial videos. It's quite funny. This kid should be outside playing ball with his friends. I then started checking out all of the other video tutorials. I learned how to use chroma key, how to clone and how to create other effects. It got me thinking about what other types of tutorials people are posting.

For example, here's one on how to parallel park:

Okay, okay...I could go on all day posting these. Here's one more:

Now if only there's a tutorial on how to prevent Pink Eye. It's been going around the office and since the air circulation is poor I'm afraid I might be next. So far, 4 people have caught it.

I'm sorry, I just thought this story was funny, only because it was on a Virgin train. to avoid the monsters.

Well, have a great day! Happy Hump Day!

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