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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vermont Day #3

Good morning!

Yesterday I went to my favorite museum, Mass Moca (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art). They have some of the best exhibits I have ever seen and many of them go on to museums such as the Guggenheim. Here's a blurb about my favorite pieces in their current exhibit Badlands:

Continuing this nod to Earth art are Vaughn Bell’s Personal Biospheres which give gallery visitors their own miniature landscapes to experience by popping their head into Plexiglas domes filled with small working ecosystems. Bell’s new custom biospheres for Badlands will be based on the landscape of North Adams. A micro and macro view of the landscape.

There were even spray bottles so you could water the plants in the biospheres. If you are ever passing by Massachussets, I highly recommend this museum.

In the news today:

Apparently, Italian bees are very aggressive.

NYC's starting their anti-groping campaign.

Alas poor Yorick...

The Fringe Festival has it's big kickoff party tonight! If you haven't already bought tickets to Piccola Cosi, I encourage you to do so! It's so simple to get them online just go to and click on P. Scroll down to Piccola Cosi (small like this) and choose the night you would like to attend. It will take you immediately to the page to buy tickets.

And now, Fair Week Continues with some more photos...

Upside down chickens lay the best eggs

Klan Sheep

Award Winning Peppers

And last but not least..

Fair Hair

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