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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Great Run At The Fringe

The above photo was taken in NYC the other night and for some reason it looks darker on here. The clouds were amazing.

Thanks to everyone who made Piccola Cosi the success that it became. A sold out run is what we had hoped for and it's what we got. Now is when exciting things start to happen. Friends, family, critics, agents, casting directors, theater lovers...thank you.

I can't believe the Olympics are over already! The closing ceremony last night, like the opening, was another phenomenal show. Visually stunning.

Yesterday I helped freshmen and their families move into the dorm. There were many tears and cars of stuff to be unloaded. It was fun but it always leaves you exhausted. I'm resting up today.

Did you hear about the lawsuit against Corona because a one year old was partially blinded by an exploding Corona bottle? I'd like to know what a one year old was doing with a Corona?

If you haven't taken advantage of Restaurant Week why not celebrate Back To School doing so. Restaurant Week has been extended through Labor Day. On Friday night I met some friends for dinner at Steak Frites and later for a cupcake at Magnolia. I had such a great time.

Happy Monday.

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