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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Olympic Peaches

I was at the supermarket last night at snapped a photo of this sign by the peaches. It caught me by surprise, " A taste of summer in the winter", I thought to myself, "A taste of summer in the winter." Huh? But it is summer! I've been craving a really good Jersey peach lately and I couldn't make it to the farm stand so I went to the supermarket only to find these hard peaches and this sign. This sign should really be up in the winter when peaches are being shipped in from other countries.

Maybe I should consider moving to Detroit?

This is very difficult to watch...I just wanted to warn you. It's a video of Janos Baranyai dislocating his elbow at Beijing while weightlifting.

Hmmm.. I think my novel just got even more interesting.

Let me get this straight, you're a police officer and Dr. Hoofhoffer is an entrepreneur????

A New York artist is planning on recreating the parade scene from Ferris Beueller's Day Off, a scene which would include 600-800 people singing Twist and Shout. Shake it up baby now, baby.

And now for our video of the day. Remember, if you get a seed, spit it into your cupped hand.

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