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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diving Dogs!

I was very excited last night when I turned on Letterman because he had the diving dogs on. They were the same diving dogs that we saw at the NJ State Fair. Forrest Gumpy, Colby and Seven were all on and they jumped far into the water. Seth Rogen was the guest and he told Dave that he could definitely jump further so after the interview he ran out and jumped into the pool. Classic. Here's a video I took of one of the diving dogs:

This guy called 911 to complain that the people at Subway left sauce off of his sandwich. Maybe he just got 911 confused with A-1?

Forget the gym, just do a Wii workout!

And now, more photos from the fair!

Award Winning Potatoes! Who wants fries?

"Now son, this is why we don't eat Pork"

Forrest Gumpy makes a splash in the water

Now that's a lot of bull.

Give up? It's a bunny!

Enjoy your day


Boaz Frankel said...

Wait... I'm still confused. How is that a bunny?

Ashley said...

The photos are great, Evan. Your comments aren't bad either.