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Thursday, May 1, 2008

'Tis May

Happy May 1st everyone! April showers bring May flowers...

I have a few really wonderful movie recommendations, one of which I saw last night. Son of Rambow is the type of movie that only comes around once in awhile and you must go see it. Child actors take up most of the screen time and they are brilliant. The script is excellent and you will laugh and cry...I did. The imaginations and creativity of children are explored in this film and it spoke to me also because these kids were passionate about making a movie. It made me want to go out and make a short film, and perhaps I will.

Set in "a long, hot summer in the early '80s", the film is a coming-of-age comedy. It tells the story of two schoolboys who are inspired by the film Rambo: First Blood to make their own action adventure film, which they hope will win them a young film-maker competition. Neglected youngster Lee Carter (Will Poulter) — the worst-behaved boy in school — has access to the home video equipment used by his bullying elder brother's video pirating enterprise. Will (Bill Milner) couldn't be more different; quiet and shy he comes from a family that belongs to the strict Plymouth Brethren religious sect. Will is forbidden to watch films or television and is made to leave his classroom when the teacher puts on a documentary film. In the corridor he meets Lee, thrown out of another class for bad behaviour. At first, Lee sees Will as an easily manipulated lackey but after Will sees a pirated copy of First Blood and throws himself into the film making experience, the two realise how much they each need a best friend.Their movie takes on a chaotic life of its own, as they fight to keep control of it, and also to keep it secret from Will's family. Ultimately it changes the lives of both boys, and their relationships with their friends and families.

This film is currently playing at the Angelika theater in NYC.

I also saw the new film, The Dukes, a film by Robert Davi starring himself and Chazz Palminteri. They were both there to discuss the film and are really nice guys and very talented. The film was funny at times but as a whole felt choppy which had a lot to do with the editing. We were treated beforehand to a live performance by The Emeralds and people were clapping and tapping along. If you like Doo-Wop and heist movies, you'll love The Dukes.

And finally, The Diving Bell and Butterfly has been released on DVD. I have never seen a film so unique as this one. The direction is incredible and the story moving. Be sure to see it.

And now, let's watch Hillary trying to make a cup o' joe:


Anonymous said...

Evan ,wish I had met you at the screening of The Dukes ,,,

Anonymous said...

I thought The Dukes was funny and heartfelt with some great twists

Anonymous said...

Saw The Dukes wednsday night ,,,GREAT film ,Black Comedy that speaks to everyman ,,a blue collar film that through humour and music makes you want to pick yourself up and get back in the game,,I loved it