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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In The News

A lot of bizarre news stories this morning...

Like this one, about a Florida man who was ticketed for wearing a Speedo.

And this guy is suing Jetblue for making him take a seat in the bathroom so that the stewardess could have her seat to sit in.

Watch out ladies, the Sex and the City movie premiered in London and the reviews aren't great. The stars walked the red carpet in style but someone should have told Sarah Jessica Parker that a plant fell on her head. I mean, it's like not telling her she had broccoli in her teeth.

Do you live in a small apartment that is cool (not temperature cool)? Well then be sure to enter Small Cool 2008!
The Fourth Annual Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest.

I think I'll let Mr. Bill O'Reilly have the final word.

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