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Friday, May 2, 2008

Strawberry Fest Friday

That's right, today is Strawberry Fest out on W 4th street which means there will be a lot of fun and games, strawberries, cotton candy, and yes, the world's longest strawberry shortcake. Let's hope the rain hold out until later though. I'll post some photos live from the event. I was actually cleaning off my desk and found a flier we had made when I was on the NYU Program Board for Strawberry Fest. We had Bill Clinton hold up a Strawberry Fest T-shirt when he came to speak on campus. It was incredible. They should have used that flier again this year!

Flying woman or UFO? You be the judge...

Everytime I walk by an Indiana Jones poster I can feel the excitement in my body. I cannot wait to see this one. Feel the excitement.

It's time now for our Katie Couric moment:

We received some wonderful news yesterday. My sister's one woman show has been accepted into the 2008 NYC International Fringe Festival. I hope you will come see it in August.

That's be-dee-bu-dee-bu-dee all folks. Hope you have a great weekend.

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