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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

I snapped this photo on my way to work this morning. At first I thought it was Brian Z in front of me with his new banana diet, but then I realized it was 7:35am and Brian Z was probably still in bed. The banana looked as though it was about to fall out.

Did you see the moon last night? It was beautiful and so bright. I took this photo from bed last night because it was shining brightly into my room.

Did you know that Whole Foods now carries Ostrich eggs? They actually have a huge assortment of exotic eggs but the Ostrich eggs fascinate me.

So I was on the train yesterday and saw John Rice from GHI, the medical insurance company. Do I know John, noooooo...but John was wearing his work ID so we were introduced that way. I don't understand why people wear these work IDs outside of the office. Perhaps John forgot to take his off but I see a bunch of people with theirs on. Maybe they want to show off their place of work or perhaps they want people to start up a conversation, "Oh you work for GHI, those crooks". Perhaps I should start clipping my NYU ID to my shirt pocket. Maybe everyone should be required to wear their work IDs so that we can network on the train. "Excuse me, I see that you work at HBO, can you give me a job?".

I really wasn't supposed to be at work today. I received a Jury summons but when I called the number last night, they said I wasn't needed. Oh yeah and why am I a petit juror? I'm 6'2 folks, how tall do I have to be to be a grand juror?

Why didn't anyone tell me about the Veggie Pride Parade?

I really wish I had known, I've been looking for another occasion to wear my Okra costume.

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