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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mongol Made Me Sick

I'm really sick. It came suddenly and has made me weak and achy. Last night towards the end of Mongol, I started to feel really achy. I tried adjusting myself in my seat but I only seemed to get more uncomfortable. Then I got cold and my body was shivering. My teeth were chattering and my body was so sore that I could barely walk. I got out of bed to type this entry and then will most likely go back to sleep because now I am in pain and have a fever. How could this come on so suddenly and is Mongol to blame?

As many of you know, I have been going to these NY Film Critic Screenings and they are great for a film enthusiast such as myself. They are similar to the screenings I used to do at NYU and I would like to create a similar program but one that would attract a somewhat younger crowd. Perhaps it's because of the price or the location that this program attracts a certain type of crowd. And why does everyone seem to like every movie that we see? I'm glad that we are getting to see some of the films I missed at Sundance and I'm hoping that I can afford this program again in the Fall.

As for Mongol...I was entertained. I'm not a huge fan of epic films such as this one but the story was interesting and it was nice not to have Tom Hanks or Brad Pitt playing Genghis Khan. My favorite aspect of this film is the incredible scenery which was shot in Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. After the film, we were joined by Morris Rossabi, Columbia Professor and author of Khubilai Khan. It was interesting to hear what Professor Rossabi thought of the film and hear him speak about the film's inaccuracies. I had an issue with some of the editing in this film especially points where a scene would come to a quick end and another scene would start. This interrupted the flow of the film for me and made me question why the director did this while I was watching the movie. I was immersed in the film but whenever a scene faded to black I was no longer invested.

Okay, I'm burning up so I better lie down.

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