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Monday, April 2, 2007

A Weekend in Spring Lake

Nothing says fun like a weekend in Spring Lake. That's where I was this weekend, spending some time with my grandfather. I took a walk on the boardwalk every morning and it was so very nice. I could spend all day walking around Spring Lake just looking at and taking photos of the houses and architecture. I have some photos which I will post as soon as I can upload them.

I wasn't going to mention this, but it is on my mind so I must. On Saturday I noticed that these two beautiful ducks were resting on the front yard. They looked so happy together, one male one female. They came back on Sunday and rested in the same spot on the front lawn. I decided I would snap a photo or two (which will be posted). Two hours later I got into the car to go shopping and saw that someone had hit the female duck in the street, and there she lay, lifeless. I was going to photograph her, but decided to let her be.

That's my sad story for the week. How was your weekend? Any happy stories you'd like to share? Babies? Puppies? Send them in!

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