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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Malaria Mania

I'm sure you've seen this footage of George Bush busting a move yesterday at a Rose Garden Event to mark Malaria Awareness Day, but this is worthy of multiple viewings. While George was shaking and playing the bongos, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton were attending the funeral service for Boris Yeltsin. While they were attending the funeral, Rosie O' Donnell was announcing her departure from The View so she can spend her days in Miami and open up a Koosh Factory.

Today is Take Your Child to Work Day...I wonder if Alec took his daughter to work. He has said that he asked NBC to let him out of his 30 Rock contract so he can devote his time to the issue of "parental alienation". Baldwin is scheduled to appear on The View on Friday where he will call Rosie a big pig, sparking a huge brawl and Starr Jones will make a guest appearance as she and Rosie are put into a cage with wild Bengal Tigers.

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