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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Kind of Town, Providence Is!

It took a few visits before I warmed up to Providence, Rhode Island and now I can't get enough. I have not had one bad meal in this great city and this past weekend was filled with fun, great food, and my sister's one woman show written for her senior thesis.

If you are in the Providence area and like fresh seafood, be sure to stop off at Hemenway's. Not only do they have a swanky website, but their food is delicious. I will definitely be going back there in the near future. The homemade clam chowder was scrumptious as was the blackened catfish. If you're looking for the best loaf of bread or sticky bun, head over to the Seven Stars Bakery. They have the best pecan sticky bun I have ever had. Their olive bread isn't half bad either.

The reason I went to Providence this weekend as you may know, is to see my sister's one woman show entitled Piccola Cosi about her experiences in Italy singing with some of Italy's most famous musicians at some of the most well known jazz clubs. She does it all, writes, acts, sings in this "R" rated show, playing all of these Italian men with whom she came into contact on her travels. It was simply amazing and despite some audio problems with my camera, I only got 26 minutes of audio which made my parents morph into angry vultures, feasting on the young. Okay, okay, maybe I'm over-exaggerating...I am also upset that we don't have the whole performance on tape and hope that my sister can find a way to put it on again.

Have a great day! My day is already going well because Elissa is back from Las Vegas and I saw a guy shaving with an electric razor on the escalator at Port Authority this morning.

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