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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blades of Glory

What has corny characters, great costumes, action sequences on ice skates, and lists Ben Stiller as a producer? Give Up? BLADES OF GLORY, of course. Elissa and I went to see this film starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Craig T. Nelson (remember him?) and a bunch of other SNL Alumni and figure skaters (Brian Boitano!). I'm surprised Vince Vaughn wasn't in this one. I'll admit that I laughed, because I laugh at stupid stuff and there's a lot of it packed in. Will Ferrell still makes me chuckle and Jon Heder was, is, and will always be Napoleon Dynamite. The movie was fun and we had a good time and in the end that's what counts. If you are thinking about seeing this one, save it to your Netflix queue.

More impressive than the film however, is Elissa's skill of sneaking food into a movie theater. Armed with her bag, she was able to smuggle in dinner and drinks for us. I don't think I could have watched the film on an empty stomach.

**We interrupt this Blog for a very important News Brief**

DNA experts have just announced that a huge mistake has been made in the case of Dannielynn's Daddy. We here at Evan Almighty have received word that Don Imus is in fact the father. More to come when we see you here at 5:00pm

1 comment:

Elissa said...

Great movie! I'd see it again and again!

And aren't the hotdogs at Costco amazing??? $1.50 for a soda a hotdog. Great value. Let me know if you agree.