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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Then She Found Me

Last night I went to a screening of Then She Found Me, the new film starring and directed by Helen Hunt. The film is jam-packed with familiar faces from Bette Midler to Colin Firth to Salman Rushdie. The film is based on the book by Elinor Lipman. Bette Midler is great in this film and Helen Hunt plays a much different kind of role in this film. No tornadoes here folks although there is a very odd Colin Firth screaming fit. And Matthew Broderick's character was just unbearable. I felt like he was told to act like a shy teenager and his character was not believable to me. After the film, one of my favorite critics on NPR, David Edelstein interviewed one of the producers of the film.

I've never been on a cruise, but if I did go, I would want a park modeled after Central Park. Looks like I'm in luck!

NJ Transit loves to piss their customers off. I mean, they really do. They are doing some sort of work on the platform that our train pulls into in the morning and they have many sections blocked off. When everyone piles out of the train, it is one congested mess and usually the escalators are off so it takes a really long time for people to get into a single file line to get up the escalators. Today, two trains were getting off at the same time. So it was twice as congested and a complete mess. Now, because Amtrak owns the rails, NJ Transit blames everything on them. "Uh, sorry folks we have a red light ahead and we'll be stuck here for a little while because the AMTRAK trains have to pull in first." I think it's time to invent the NJ Air Tram. Let's start building in the air. I recently got some space in Second Life for our office. We have our own sky box in the air. It's time NJ Transit steps it up.

In other news, I'm sad to say that Martha Stewarts dog, Paw Paw, passed away. Paw Paw appeared in numerous episodes of Martha's television show and in many magazines. We'll miss you, Paw Paw.

This is just disturbing.

Remember Jurassic Park? Well you may not remember it this well:

Enjoy the weather today! Taking you back to the 70's.

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