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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Open Letter to New Jersey Transit

Dear NJ Transit,

I am writing to you today seeking answers about why, during the morning rush, my train was a car short? You know that this train is always packed so why would you send along a train that would force many people to be uncomfortable? Because you can. That's the answer I would give. You can do this, you can make us commuters uncomfotable because heck, what other option do we have? You monopolize the rails and I think it's time for a change. I think that every time the train is a car short, we should get to ride free. You must learn that simply making an announcement apologizing for the fact that the train is short one car does not make us feel better. In fact, people are so used to hearing this apology that now we just all laugh because it's predictable. It's a joke. We are laughing at you. I am writing on behalf of all of those aboard the train this morning, begging you to make sure there are enough train cars during the morning rush. It's a simple request. Thank You.

Our sources tell us that a new muppet movie is in the works! Let's hope it's good.

Tonight is the first NY Film critic series in NJ. We'll be watching The Visitor and there will be guests there as well! A review will be posted tomorrow!

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