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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rainy Thursday

I've been trying to embed Boaz's interviews on this blog but it's not allowing me. So here's a link to his newly posted interview with Harry Shearer, a jack of all trades.

I just realized that it's almost November which means that a) Time to turn the clocks back and more importantly, b) it's almost National Novel Writing Month! That's right, time to put the pencil to the paper and start writing your novel. Go to the website and sign up. Boaz got me to try it last year and I kept it up for awhile but then fizzled out. Maybe I should try again this year?

This school in wakefield has banned Harry Potter books from its library because themes of witchcraft and sorcery were deemed innapropriate for a Catholic School. We all know however the real reason why the books were removed...Dumbledore's sexuality.

I never was able to get into Heroes when it started on NBC but I have been catching up by watching the episodes on DVD. They are quite good and I'm really enjoying watching them before I go to sleep. If you haven't seen them add them to your Netflix queue!

1 comment:

Bee Dub said...

Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly says this season of Heroes is not as good. ( So enjoy your DVD while the shows are still good.

Disclaimer: I haven't seen a single episode, and don't plan on it.