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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In my opinion, the best new fall show is....

That's right! Pushing Daisies! If you missed the pilot episode, go to the link and watch it! It is by far the best thing I have seen in awhile. Barry Sonnenfeld directed the first three episodes which is one of the reasons I love this show so much. It is like candy for the eyes. So visually stunning and very funny. Here's a little taste:

Last night I also happened to catch Aliens In America on CW. I don't think I've ever watched a show on this channel, but my mom suggested I watch it as she heard a rave review on NPR. I must say it's really funny. The concept is hilarious and the kid who plays Raja is great. I encourage you to watch this show as well. Here's a blurb from the site about the show:

Justin Tolchuk (Dan Byrd) is a sensitive, lanky 16-year-old just trying to make it through the social nightmare of high school in Medora, Wisconsin, with the help of his well-meaning mom Franny (Amy Pietz), aspiring entrepeneur dad Gary (Scott Patterson) and his popular sister Claire (Lindsey Shaw), who is sweetly unaware of how good-looking she is. When Franny signs up for the school's international exchange student program, she pictures an athletic, brilliant Nordic teen who will bestow instant coolness on her outsider son.

However, when the Tolchuk's exchange student arrives, he turns out to be Raja Musharaff (Adhir Kalyan), a 16-year-old Pakistani Muslim. Despite the cultural chasm between them, Justin and Raja quickly develop an unlikely friendship that just might allow them to navigate the minefield that is contemporary high school. It's going to be a very interesting year for Raja, Justin, his family, and the entire population of Medora.

Here's a preview:

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