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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've decided it's time to buy myself a car. I want something that is going to be reliable, has good gas mileage, is safe, and has a good repair record. Elissa and I went to look at Hondas last night and now I'm feeling very conflicted. I have narrowed my choices to either a used Honda Accord or a new Civic. I need to think it over some more and do some research so I can go in knowing exactly what I should be paying. There will be laughs, negotiations, maybe even cries when I go in to purchase my car. Negotiating is a huge part of the process and I think car dealers were created to help us learn how to negotiate. Here's a typical exchange:

Dealer: Okay Evan, have a seat...want candy? cigar? free pen?

Evan: I'm fine, thanks.

Dealer: So, let's work out the numbers. Now, did you say you wanted leather interior?

Evan: No, cloth.

Dealer: Extra cupholders?

Evan: No.

Dealer: Spoiler?

Evan: Definitely not.

Dealer: GPS? Great for all of those roadtrips, never get lost again.

Evan: No

Dealer: Okay, so you want the basic model. Let's see.... so that will come to a total of $17,543 with tax.

Evan: that the best you can do.

Dealer: Well I could probably knock off $1,000, bringing the total to $16,543.

Evan scrunches his mouth, bites his lip, looks as if he still isn't thrilled with the price

Dealer: I'll even throw in floor mats, a $500 value.

Evan: Okay. Deal.

Now, here is how we only wish this deal would end. Choose your own adventure style.

Dealer: I'll even throw in floor mats, a $500 value.

Evan: Is that all you've got Marty??

Dealer: Okay, $15,200. That's my best and final offer.

Evan: Marty, I know you need this sale and you know that I would be willing to buy this car here today. You've got a wife and child at home who love you very much and who need you to sell this car. Do this for them. Make them proud.

Dealer: Okay, $10,000.

Evan: Good doing business with you kind sir.



Elissa said...

That is one sexy red Civic!

Elissa said...

I'd go with buying a 2007 Civic... best value for the money... plus, it'll last a long time. Buy, don't lease, though!

Vince said...

Hi Evan,

Go to consumer; they have info on the "bottom line price" - the price you should be paying for a car given dealer cost, msrp, inventory, and demand (the only way to negotiate)!