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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Up For Breakfast

I got a call this morning from Boaz saying that he was listening to The Splendid Table last night before bed and he heard authors and food connoisseurs, Janet and Michael Stern, raving about Up For Breakfast, this quaint breakfast eatery in Manchester, Vermont. You can listen to their review here. The outlet shops, Mrs. Murphy's Donuts, and Orvis all get a special mention, but I'm guessing they didn't see John Irving when they went. He is a frequent diner at Up For Breakfast. Many thanks to Boaz for telling me about this!! Elissa and I are heading up to Manchester this weekend and perhaps we will have to go to Up For Breakfast to try the Wild Turkey Hash or my favorite, their blueberry pancakes (Unlike Janet Stern, I don't count the blueberries). If you are looking for a great weekend trip, I encourage you to head up to Manchester, VT. Gee, I'm sounding more and more like those tv ads encouraging you to come to colonial Williamsburg. On second thought, please don't come to Manchester, VT. I don't want to have to wait for a table at Up For Breakfast nor do I want any car traffic.


jonny said...

FYI, you have already eaten at this upstairs breakfast joint. I know because I was with you. It must have been a memorable place.

Jonny said...
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Anonymous said...

I ate at Up for Breakfast. It was so delicious, I had dreams about their pancakes weeks later. It was so worth the trip to Vermont and the drive and dealing with parking and waiting for a table. It was so good, every few months I google Up for Breakfast to see if they've set up a website and sell cookbooks or mixes yet. They would make a fortune, and I would still visit the restaurant. It is so good - you're so lucky!