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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spider Man Weak

There's a lot of excitement surrounding the release of Spider-Man 3 this week and everyone is going to flock the theaters. If you don't like crowds, I suggest you wait awhile before attempting to see this movie. I enjoy the Spiderman movies but have a grudge against anything Sony/Columbia Pictures puts out, for the people who work behind the curtain there are pure evil as I experienced first hand. They put on a good show though, and in case you haven't heard, this week is Spider-man week in NYC. They have events all around the city and even have set-up a website complete with interactive map. Go visit Peter Parker's neighborhood or take part in a number of events around the city. I'm boycotting Spider-man week. I love how Sony makes it seem as though this week is meant to create community and fun activities for the people. It's just a big publicity stunt! They don't care about you. All they want is your money and for you to see this movie. I personally think a group of people should dress up as other superheroes and crash some of the spider-man events. Now that would be fun.

This weekend is shaping up to be a very busy one and it's almost Commencement! I'm going to start using my digital camera more and upload photos to the site. Today's shoutout goes to Melissa and Andrew. Thanks for reading!

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Elissa said...

I'll be Wonder Woman!