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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Grad Alley!!!!

Today is Grad Alley and it's going to be crazy! Unfortunately I didn't have time to plan out a fun, exciting, humorous, intriguing, thought provoking blog. There are going to be thousands of seniors and their families at Grad Alley today, NYU's big Carnival Extravaganza! I'll be handing out free stuff at one of the booths, so if you are in the neighborhood stop by! Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering what I made for dinner last night..drum roll please...

Lemon pepper Tilapia with mushrooms and parsley, sauteed in a lemon/white wine sauce.

Looking forward to the next dinner night with Elissa. I haven't mentioned her name for a few posts now so I figured I would drop it in here.

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