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Monday, May 7, 2007

Let the games begin!!

This week is Commencement week at NYU, the week leading up to the big Alumni Reunion Weekend Extravaganza! As this may be my only post this week I will try to make it satisfying. Walking by Washington Square Park this morning, I noticed that they have already begun to clean up and set up for Thursday's activities. Enough about work though, I have to share my weekend with you.

Friday night Elissa took me to her school for their Literary Arts Fair...there was food, music, games, skits, movies...all the kids worked really hard putting everything together and they were adorable. It was fun being in middle school again and I think I'm ready to go back. Doesn't that scream reality show?

Saturday was such a beautiful day that I just wanted to sit outside and stare at the newly blossoming trees. We were off to Elizabeth, NJ to have Shabbos Lunch with Elissa and Melissa's friends, Yaelle and Marty. They were very nice and their 5 children were adorable. The food was delicious!! Afterwards, I rested up for a bit before we had to go to our Cinco de Mayo/April's Birthday celebration in New Brunswick at Maritas Cantina. We ate and then got drinks and there was even dancing and free Corona toys. After the mexican food, one would think there would be enough gas to get home, but we soon found the gas tank on empty and prayed that we would see a 24-hour gas station sign. After a mile, we saw the sign we had been hoping for and quickly took the next exit to the Exxon station. Even though they have polluted waters and killed wildlife, Exxon saved us that night...Thank You Exxon!

Sunday came next, and I headed for a workout in the morning with Dean so that I would be finished and showered in time to meet Elissa's parents. I was looking forward to meeting them and I really had a great time and liked them a lot. I got a tour of their beautiful home in the Parsippany/Randolph hills (who knew there were views in Parsippany?) and they took us out for Chinese Food and served some delicious homemade desserts afterwards at their home.

I really want to write more about everything as I just gave a very abbrieviated rundown as this is the busiest week of the year at work I have to get the day started. Have a great one!

***Let me apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes in this email. I am not proofing as I type.***

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