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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I know that this may be old news, but some of the spring water companies have put out a little droplet shaped bottle of water called Aquapod. They introduced this size and shape in order to get kids to throw away their juicebox and beg mommy for the bottle of water. Everytime the Poland Spring delivery truck is in front of my office in the morning, there is an advertisement on the back featuring a little kid and an Aquapod bottle. I've seen the truck there a few times before and everytime I see this ad, it looks as if the bottle says Aquapoo. The font is sort of wacky and the "D" and "O" look really similar. What do you think? Do you think kids are buying into this?

I wanted to post some beautiful pictures that Elissa took while we were in Vermont. Looking at these makes me want to be there right now. The suit saga continues...I just called Land's End to order a suit (thanks Mr. and Mrs. Williams). The woman on the phone was very nice and treated me like I was her son. Either she was opening up to me or she says the same thing to every person who calls, but she began telling me all about her daughter who recently ended a relationship with an abusive man who was stealing her money, etc. The lady on the other end of the phone then asked me how old I was and told me she wished I lived closer so she could set me up with her daughter. Umm..wait a minute. I knew Land's End sold just about anything, but I didn't know about their mail order bride business. I had to break the news to her that I was taken and that her daughter sounds like a really great woman and that I'm sure things will work out for the best. After she gave me the total, I should have given her a bill for my time. Is this what happens when you call Land's End? I just hope the pants fit.

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