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Friday, May 11, 2007

Driving Mrs. Marks.

As I'm sure you know, yesterday was NYU's 175th Commencement which took place in Washington Square Park. The place was packed and Wynton Marsalis played a tune that filled the air with joy and put a smile on every face. My assigned duty was to escort Lillian Marks, the oldest alumna (100 and sharp as a tack), around from place to place. I picked Lillian up at her apartment in the morning and brought her to the Pre-Commencement Breakfast, an event for those Alumni who have graduated 50 or more years ago. I then brought Lillian to the Commencement Stage where she would sit for the entire ceremony and be introduced to the graduates. It was quite touching and if you'd like to see this moment, check out the video. ( Skip to 1:31:12 on video) After the ceremony was over, I took Lillian home and I learned all about her amazing life and her husband who passed away a few years ago at 93. Lillian still lives alone and manages just fine. She is an extraordinary woman. Here's a little information on Lillian. Today begins Alumni Reunion Weekend!!

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