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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

This is a photo I found from the sudden storm that came through town the other night. There was rain, thunder, and lightening oh my! The Empire State Building was struck by lighting which apparently occurs approximately 100 times a year.

Are you excited for Apple's iphone? Well you should be! The FCC has approved the iphone which is scheduled for a June release to the public.

I've been wanting to purchase one of those universal tv remote watches that kids used to play with in High School. Some kid would change the channel while we watched a film in class and the teacher wouldn't realize why the channel was flipping. I want one to use at the gym. Dean is constantly having to change one of the tv channels to please someone and I just want to change the channel with my watch to see what sort of chaos ensues. And look at this!

This little universal remote is the newest (secret) weapon in the Ninja's arsenal and we assure you in the right hands it can be used to quickly assassinate dangerously annoying TV shows. Simply point the Ninja Remote at the intended target (a television set) and press the mute button for a few seconds - once the TV mutes the remote is now ready to assume full control of its victim. Innocent bystanders will be frozen with fear (or very animated with anger) as the volume and channel change magically in front of their eyes, seemingly controlled by some mysterious force.

The Ninja Remote's powers will work on a wide variety of televisions (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo, Aiwa, Mitsubishi, Philips, JVC, Sharp, etc) and its small size will safeguard you against discovery.

Hmmm...perhaps I have to buy myself one of these instead.

Elissa and I are heading up to Vermont tonight and I am so looking forward to it. You'll get the report on Monday. Have a great weekend and if you haven't seen it already, go out and rent Pan's Labyrinth, now on DVD.

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