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Monday, May 14, 2007

That Suit Suits You Just Fine...Shall I Ring You Up?

I hope you had a great weekend! I was busy on Saturday working Alumni Reunion Weekend and the Gala went very well at the Grand Hyatt. It was well attended and the music, food, and open bar were a hit! Even Congressman Charles Rangel (NYU Alumnus) was in attendance! I'm going to suggest that next year they let me put together a video on Alumni Reunion Weekend. That would be a really fun project and would be a great way to show alumni how much fun the weekend is.

Elissa and I did a little shopping yesterday and I stopped into a store which shall remain nameless, to look at and try on suits. The store was empty and the salesmen were actually standing outside, one with a mustard yellow tape measure around his neck discussing the weather. We walked in and they immediately followed telling me about the buy one get one free suit sale! I said that I was indeed there to look at suits and one of the men sized me up with his eyes and said "46?". Where were we? A Carnival? Was he going to guess my weight next? I'm sure he's fitted enough men that he knows these things. Next thing I knew, he was pulling out suits for me to try on and selling them to Elissa. Did he think I was going to buy two suits on the spot? I only came in to LOOK at ONE suit, not to BUY TWO. There was more pressure in that store than in an overinflated tire tube. I kept on throwing out hints that we had to go, that I was only starting to look, that I had to think it over...he didn't seem to be budging, he just kept on pulling out more suits. I think Elissa used a Mother's Day line which finally led to his asking me if I wanted to put the two suits we liked on hold for 7 days. He told me that he didn't want me to come back to find that the two suits I wanted had been sold. How nice! He cares about me! Waaaaaiit a minute... "Okay, sure" I said, just glad that we were one step closer to getting out of there. Of course, his next line was, "They'll be on hold for seven days and if I don't hear from you, you'll be hearing from me". I didn't even catch the guy's name but now he has my number and he'll be calling soon I'm sure.

Happy Monday.

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