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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mountain Man

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to see Ray Lamontagne live at the Beacon Theater. It was an extremely mellow show but awesome. His voice is very soothing even though it reminds me of someone playing a washboard. I don't know why. The few moments during the show when Ray spoke to us, his words were muffled and he was frequently interrupted by some woman who thought it was cute to shout out "I love you" at which point he veered off from whatever story he was telling us about Elvis Costello and Lyle Lovett and had some banter about how you could put anything in front of this woman and she would love it. Carrot Cake? I looove carrot cake. He has one of those voices that they should really put on a sound machine. I could have easily fallen asleep at the concert last night, but luckily the Gladiator-esque decor prevented me from resting my eyes. It was a great evening and I have to start going to more concerts. One of the most interesting moments last night was when he played "You Are The Best Thing". But he played it the way he originally wrote it and not the way it was performed on the album. It was very different, style wise and beat wise. The man has the voice of a mountain and he seems like a cool guy which doesn't hurt.

Here's one film I most likely will not be seeing.

Porsche is suing Crocs..funny because I heard Mario Batali was jetting around in his orange Porsche this morning.

Ces't tout!

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