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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dirty Laundry

Can I tell you a brief story about my laundry experience last night? Well, I guess you don't really have a choice here although you could just click on the x at the top and close out of this page. I have never had the luxury of dropping off my laundry-- having someone else wash and fold it for me and then just being able to pick it up. Since I moved to Hoboken almost a year ago, I have been bringing my laundry to the same place. It's sort of out of the way but I like the guy so I've stayed loyal. The other night, I ran into my neighbors who mentioned that they drop their laundry off a few doors down at this small laundromat aptly named, Garden Laundry (it's on Garden Street). I figured I would give this new place a shot. I was excited to pick up my laundry last night but something was wrong. Very wrong. First, they bring out my laundry in the wrong laundry bag. It's a green tattered looking thing.

"Are you sure", the woman says to me when I told her that the bag wasn't mine.

Like I didn't remember what kind of bag I had. I looked in and saw my shirt on top. I walked around the counter and found my real bag inside of which were also my clothes, but it was all labeled wrong. Upon pulling out my clothes from the wrong bag I noticed that my clothes had been mixed in with some other guy's clothes. So while I worked to sort out my clothes from this other guy's, the woman called the woman who took my clothes in the night before. She explained that she must have been distracted because her boyfriend was there. This led to a conversation, much of which I couldn't understand about how this only happened two times before and how she screwed up my laundry. Now I know where Seinfeld gets his material.

Despite the mishap, I was pleased with the job they did on my clothes. They smelled good and were folded perfectly. In fact, they were folded better than the other place which folds too many times and wrinkles everything.

Brilliant move by the Academy to choose Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as a host team for the Oscars!

If you take away anything from reading this blog today, I hope it's this: Don't ever flip a judge the bird because you will go to jail.

Battling the flu? How about some home remedies?

Here's what happens when you strap a camera onto the front bumper of a Ferrari and stroll through the streets of Paris. So Cool.

C'√ČTAIT UN RENDEZ-VOUS - short film by Claude Lelouch (ORIGINAL HQ) from Vahe A on Vimeo.

I forgot to mention that I made a trip to Costco when I was home the other weekend and I had to get a gigantic box of cereal which was way up out of arms reach. Here's what happened next:

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