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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lonesome Sax Player

There was a man playing sax on the corner of Washington Square Park this morning and unlike many of the sax players who can usually be found uptown, this guy was good. He was really good. And as he laid down a track to the scene in which I was a part, I took note of everything happening around me and envisioned myself in a movie scene. Am I an extra in this great movie? Perhaps. It was a nice start to my morning.

Everyone is filled with Thanksgiving joy so why not bring it down a notch and see if you can count the number of turkeys in this ad:

I'd love to jet away somewhere for the weekend but I will most likely stick around and keep a low profile. Although Travelzoo likes to tempt us all.

You might not find Harrison Ford inside, but perhaps you've always wondered what it's like to fly on Air Force One. Here are some interior shots you might enjoy.

Hey, all you swine flu vaccine recipients, read this.

Here's a Thanksgiving story and recipes from NPR.

Many of you have asked me if I will be going to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA and the answer is, yes, I will be going. If you haven't seen the MOMA Tim Burton animation, check it out here.

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