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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Farmers Market

Being that I am somewhat a child of New England and also the GARDEN STATE, and the son of parents who are into gardening and produce, I have grown up loving the farmers market. Perhaps my love of supermarkets also stems (ha) from this. I love picking my own fruit and am sad to say it looks as though I won't be able to make it apple picking this year. So the next best thing is going to a farmers market and getting the apples. When I was an undergrad wandering around the Big Apple, I could be found frequenting the Union Square Market as it was a mere 40 steps from my dorm. How could I resist the fresh kale and pressed cider that awaited me. Okay, I never bought Kale but this is stream of conscience writing okay? Hoboken, in addition to a costume dog parade and a garlic festival, has a farmers market on Tuesdays. While it's a bit small, the produce is excellent and there is a nice variety of vendors to choose from. There was even a pickle guy. Heyoo! At a farmers market, the merchants are usually very much into their products and proud of their produce. They will tell you all about the fresh ingredients, the special type of soil their potatoes are grown in or the name of the goat that gave the milk which made the cheese. Their is a vibrancy at farmers markets, and I just love em.

This is appropriate, it's the Truck Garden Bed!

And now, I leave you with a special segment... Graphic Scenes of an Elephant Birth (said with British accent please)

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