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Friday, October 23, 2009

Batman Cakes

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY! So, every now and then I like to see how people are coming to this blog. I am able to see what people put into Google to pull this site up and I was surprised to learn that numerous people have been searching for "batman cakes" and are being brought to this site. If you are looking for a batman cake and living in NYC, please email us at One of our readers is actually a very talented cake designer and we can put you in touch with her. So all you batman cake searchers, you were brought here for a reason.

First swine flu and now the Mumps in Brooklyn.

For anyone interested in filmmaking, I hope you've been following the phenomenon that is Paranormal Activity. It's amazing what is happening with this film.

Check out these photos. How cool!

Ice Ice Baby

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