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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I only wish I could convey how I have been feeling lately but this isn't the place nor the time. Instead, I'd like to talk about aspirin for a second. It'll make your aches and pains go away but it will also start a dead car battery. Why not use it to get out a stain?

Clothing Stains:
How To Remove Sweat Stains With Aspirin

Just what exactly were these pilots doing on their laptops?

Washington Square Park is currently undergoing phase two of it's facelift, and they uncovered a tombstone!

Here's a tip, if you are working in a haunted house, don't frighten any cops.

Last night I went to the opening of the new Tonnie's Minis in Harlem. It's a great space and the event was a lot of fun. Not to mention, the cake that was designed for the opening was the star attraction. Very cool.

Ilulissat icebergs from icescapes on Vimeo.

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