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Friday, December 21, 2007

Where Have All The Drug Dealers Gone?

If you don't already know, Washington Square Park is undergoing huge renovations. The biggest project being that they are moving the fountain so that it is aligned with the arch. Crazy? Perhaps. So they have already fenced off most of the park which leaves me to wonder "Where Have All The Drug Dealers Gone" Maybe Paula Cole can give me an answer? Well, I saw some of them this morning looking like deer kicked out of the woods. They didn't know where to go. They were circling the park looking lost. Now they will hang out on the sidewalk harassing students and others passing by. Not good!

So I had such a wonderful Birthday yesterday and the celebrations will continue through the weekend. Thanks to everyone for their wishes, calls, emails, etc.. It meant a lot to me.

Today is the last day before winter break. I am so looking forward to two weeks off! I know many of us need to learn how to properly wrap presents. Well this kid will teach us step by step after the first step after the second step after the...wait, WHAT? Now I'm no expert, but the wrapping job he does looks just awful. Someone should let him know. That's not how you wrap a gift.

This clip lead me to search youtube for "How to Wrap"'s something that came up

Oooooh...How to wrap a widgy bar??

Oh, Thanks Melissa

And now I must post a higlight reel of clips from my personal favorite Christmas Movie:

Sorry, I went a little YouTube crazy today. So what are your plans for the holidays? What's on your wish list?

1 comment:

Elissa's brother said...

You can find them in my neighborhood. In the morning they stand on 8th Ave b/w 43rd and 44th Streets, and at night between 46th and 48th Streets.