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Monday, December 3, 2007

A Clips and Quips Reunion

Elissa and I took the train into the city yesterday to meet up with Boaz at the Golden Compass premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater. It was like old times as Boaz and I interviewed the film's stars with the added bonus of having my incredible girlfriend there with us. We had a lot of fun! I will definitely post the segment when it's finished. The three of us then went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant . Not only was it delicious but it was really reasonably priced. $7.50 or less for most of the entrees. That's cheaper that McDonalds.

This weekend was really exciting because we got our first snow storm! Well I don't know if you can call it a storm but we got around 2 inches in NJ. Not quite enough to build a snowman but everything looked so nice covered in white.

If I worked on a train I would have a blast making the announcements over the loud speaker. That's probably the only part of the job I would enjoy. Last night on the train one of the workers said the following into the loud speaker. "Attention this message is for the ladies on this train. Attention this message is ONLY for the ladies... It is raining pretty hard outside so take out your umbrellas because sugar melts in the rain" He had a really good audience and laughs could be heard throughout the train cars.

And once again Leno follows Letterman's lead.

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Anonymous said...

what makes your girlfriend so incredible?