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Monday, December 10, 2007

Crowds, Juno, Latkes, Oh My!

It seems that either the sign outside of Atlanta Bread Company is constantly being targeted by witty teens or letters are always falling off. This one got my attention and I snapped a quick photo of it. So go ahead, war up with some cocoa and coffee.

Wow, this past weekend was so much fun. It started with a great dinner with Liz and Brendan at Spring Street Natural. I highly recommend it. Now that the holiday season is well underway one must remember the thousands of tourists coming to New York City. I remembered this when we got into Penn Station and were greeted by wall to wall people waiting for their trains. We could hardly navigate through the crowds it was so jam packed and the sidewalks were a similar situation. After dinner, we went to see Juno, the new movie directed by Jason Reitman. I would definitely recommend this film. Brendan introduced us to the Nerd Rope and we made sure to give each preview a thumbs up or down. Elissa and I had a blast.

Sunday was a great Hanukkah celebration with the Williams family. I always have a great time with them and this time there was hot oil and lots o' latkes. Yes, it was a latke making frenzy. The Food Netork should have been there to cover it. Rachel made the classic latke and I took a risky route and made the sweet potato latke (thanks to Briana for her great recipe). All of the latkes turned out great and were delicious. All of the food was really good as it always is and we even got Godiva Gelt! We exchanged presents and the evening was really wonderful!

Tonight is my grad school orientation. Then some holiday parties this week and I'm out on Friday for Mia's wedding.

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