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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Despite my being sick, I went with Elissa to the 2007 Tisch Gala last night at Town Hall. The event was a little well put together package of presenters, performers, and short video interludes which introduces the honorees. Chris Columbus (the director, not the explorer), Joan Tisch, Alec Baldwin, Ethan Hawke, Billy Crudup, and many others were present. It was fun and ran only a perfect hour and a half thanks to the help of teleprompters.

I missed the last NY Art show of Damien Hirst, but perhaps I'll head over the the Lever house to view his new show.

Tomorrow night, when the shrouding is removed from Lever House’s lobby at Park Avenue and 54th Street, viewers will confront a veritable Noah’s Ark of roadkill — 30 dead sheep, one dead shark, two sides of beef, 300 sausages, a pair of doves — that the British artist Damien Hirst describes as his most mature piece.

In addition to the art spectacle, illuminated 24 hours a day by fluorescent light, passers-by will also be able to gawk tomorrow night at an invitation-only party for some 2,000 art-world glitterati.

Perhaps I should be one of the bloggers on strike but I was on strike last week and have to please my readers who were angry that there have been no new posts.

Did you hear about the new $1,000 fine for feeding pigeons? It's about time they implement this law. Now the city can go around giving $1,000 fines to pigeon ladies who can't afford to pay up. Watch out Home Alone 2 pigeon lady! Watch out!

Boaz has a thing for ants and he celebrates Ant Day! I thought he might enjoy this article that says humans can learn a lot from the little insects.


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