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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Made in India

I don't know if you saw the article on the front page of the NY Times yesterday about Indian workers making manhole covers for ConEd and others. As you can see from the photo, working conditions don't look too great. Here's the article.

And here's an article on sex tourism...older ladies going to Kenya to pick up young men? Yikes!

The countdown is on for winter break. I can't wait! My birthday, the holidays, snow, gloves, Florida... Just a few more weeks to go. My grad school orientation is on December 10th and I am very excited. I don't quite know what to except so I will be sure to give a detailed report of what happens. Also going on next week, Arthur Frommer is coming to campus to do an alumni lecture. I'll have to ask him about the best nude beaches in france...kidding, just kidding.

I already told you about my crazy trip to Stew Leonards...well I was searching around on You Tube and found these videos. Enjoy!

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