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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Days to go!

Two days until my winter break which I am very excited about. Kicks off with my birthday on Saturday, then Vermont and the holidays, then moving into the apartment. Going to be busy but fun. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Santa Claus is real! That's right, an NYU alumnus legally changed him name to Santa Claus and here's his website!

In case you didn't see this Top Ten last night, I thought it was funny:

Mark was nice enough to send in two links for me to share with you today... the first is this one. The next time someone asks you a question that can be answered by going to Google, send them this link.

Here's a really bizarre story for you. I would try to explain it briefly here but I'm not sure I can do it justice so just read the article and stop being lazy.

The Birdman of Berlin, shared a place with 1700 Budgies. When asked to vacate the premises, the man exclaimed, "I'm not Budgie-ing".

Who's excited about tonight's muppet special, Letters To Santa!!!??? I know I am.

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