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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Next Hanson


So I was in Hoboken last night scouting out apartments and I observed the following scene: An older man pulls an SUV up to the curb in front of a bank. He and 4 kids get out and start setting up amps and mics and the kids have their instruments in hand. They range from 7-13 and they start rocking out. The man walks across the street to observe what happens. Now, it's not like they were any good. It sounded awful. So I'm curious what the whole thing was? Anyone out there know? Allen Funt Jr. Jr.?

You know my affection for Vermont by now, well check it out! VT named the healthiest state. Must be the maple syrup.

Here's a somewhat bizarre program for the Google Phone. I don't really want to know how many people in my area have colds and flu.

Here's a "hair raising" story...guess they weren't dating too long if she could only remember the first letter of his last name.

There is a Saigon Grill restaurant on University by work and there are always people standing outside with signs protesting. I've never been in there but apparently the owners have been arrested for cooking the books and not the noodles.

If you can't afford NYU go to CUNY? It's a fake ad according to John Beckman.

Here's my Vimeo film of the day...who wants a hot dog?

NOTCOT: Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill from Jean Aw on Vimeo.

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