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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I don't really think there's been a movie in awhile that I have wanted to see as badly as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm hoping I can get into a screening of it. For those of you who read Daily Variety, the cover featured an amazing photo yesterday ,a For Your Consideration ad for the film. I couldn't find the image anywhere online.

Here's a trailer for the film:

While we're on the topic of movies, the National Board of Review has named "Slumdog Millionaire" best film of the year.

You're under arrest, kid.

Happiness, is, tying your shoe, and, eating a lollipop, and reading a book and...contagious

Another Lip Sync video on this Friday...

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend!

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